Our Jumping® Fitness team has been on the market since 2001. We have a rich history in the development of Jumping® trampolines including the creation of the whole Jumping® programme.Its founders have obtained graduate degrees in sports to be able to set up a Jumping® training course of the highest possible level.

Currently we offer four educational options:
 If you are a Jumping beginner and wish to become a JUMPING®  INSTRUCTOR apply for
The following certificates are available to previously trained instructors:
  • FUSION is focused on various types of workout, in particular on interval training. You will use also Jumping® Expanders and Sliders and learn how to create workout choreography, using suitable exercises and their combinations, and how to take advantage of the acquired knowledge immediately after the training course.
  • Another option is EXTENSION. This training course consists of 3 main parts. During the first part you will acquire some basic knowledge of how to work with children or teenagers on a trampoline. The second part of the training course is focused on the CORE SYSTEM. This slow exercise on an instable trampoline mat helps improve your bodily posture. The last, third part is dedicated to what is called the Jumping DRUM.  This is a very energetic exercise during which you drum on an elevated trampoline with light sticks and you exercise to music at the same. This is a very amusing form of exercise - you’ll have a lot of fun while working out the whole body.
  • Or try the ADVANCED training course which directly follows up on the BASIC training course. Our goal is to improve your workout techniques and skills in leading a Jumping lesson.


JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA is the basic training for beginning instructors. After the successful passing of the Jumping® Basic training, the instructor obtains the “JUMPING® INSTRUCTOR” certificate, based on which he can lead Jumping® lessons.



A two-day training course consisting of four partsfocused on different types of workout, especially on interval exercise. You will alsouse Jumping® expanders and slidersand learn workoutchoreographies, how to choosesuitable exercisesand their combinations and how to use the acquired knowledge right after the training course.



This two-day training course is divided into 3 main partsand it's intended for the owners of "JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOM".During the first part, you will acquire some basicknowledge of how to work with children or teenagerson a trampoline.



A directfollow-up training of the Jumping® Basic diplomais the JUMPING® ADVANCED DIPLOMA that can be voluntarily participated by the graduates of the Jumping® Basic training.