This two-day training course is divided into 3 main parts and it's intended for the owners of "JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOM". During the first part, you will acquire some basic knowledge of how to work with children or teenagers on a trampoline. Being explained the basics of anatomyphysiology and psychology of young sportsmen you will learn how to work with children correctly and how to develop coordination and rhythmical skills in an amusing manner.

The second part of the training course is focused on the “CORE SYSTEM”. This slow exercise on an instable trampoline mat helps improve your bodily posture. It suitably prevents overloading of the locomotor system, in particular back pain. The last, third part is dedicated to what is called the Jumping® DRUM. This is a very energetic exercise during which you drum on an elevated trampoline with light sticks and you exercise to music at the same. This is a very amusing form of exercise - you’ll have a lot of fun while working out the whole body.

After completing the JUMPING® EXTENSION training course you will get new inspiration and possibilities of extending your current Jumping lessons

Training course modules:

Jumping® Kids

  • Focus on work with children
  • Developing coordination and rhythmical skills in an amusing form
  • Emphasis on teaching stretching to children
  • Trampoline exercise improves the overall stability of the body  
  • Use of other aids on trampolines

Jumping® Core (Balance)

  • Focus on activation and firming up the core in applying slow exercise 
  • Eliminating imbalances of stereotypical movement patterns 
  • Inclusion of holds and slow balance exercises with repetitions

Jumping® Drum

  • A unique method of engaging the upper part of the body on the trampoline
  • Use of special Jumping “drum sticks and extensions”, which will ensure finding an optimum position of the trampoline 
  • Stronger emphasis on work with music and the possible inclusion of some typical choreography  


Every participant receives:
- Jumping® EXTENSION Diploma
- Jumping® EXTENSION singlet
- Training manual
- Drum set