The original idea arose on the basis of Jumping's 20 years of activity on the global fitness market, which was the year 2021.

We wanted to go to different corners of the world with a trampoline on our backs or on the roof of our car. The goal was countries where Jumping is already a regular part of the fitness culture, but also countries where they hardly even know what a trampoline is.

Like, for example, Uganda, which, with regard to the strict quarantine rules surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, worked out great for us, although our original plans were different. Anyway, we carried the idea forward and "JUMPING® UNITED" is still going on and its meaning is to start to dawn on all Jumping® enthusiasts.

Jumping® United also "hit" in Brazil. Here we supported the local Soccer Club - Academia de Futebol Antônio Lima, where by coincidence our Master trainer Nailton also grew up in sports. The idea of the whole club is "soccer for all", by which they take children from the streets in poor or underdeveloped areas and teach them healthy sports habits. We are waiting for projects in states and cities where Jumping® is already a common part.

One of the main targets is South Korea, with which we have been cooperating since 2014! And this is where Jumping® Fitness has one of its strongest bases. The Jumping® Master team has already trained several thousands Jumping® instructors in Korea. And that's why it's no wonder that we're planning a huge Jumping® party in this country, and with a trampoline on our backs and a rep on our shoulders, we'll calmly walk through every street in Seoul and together with Jumping® fans, we'll shake up the whole city.

Join the Jumping® United project and change your life. Even your own.