Being an instructor is not for everyone. Many of us love Jumping as part of our healthy lifestyle and it's fulfilling. But some simply want more, they want to teach Jumping®, they want to pass on this passion and they want to change lives.

Our training is exactly for those who want more. So be part of the Jumping® Fitness family.

Our team - Jumping® Fitness, has been operating on the market since 2001 and

✅ every year we train more than 1,100 instructors worldwide.
✅ we are manufacturers of original trampolines.
✅ we organize Jumping® parties all over the world.
✅ we design our own clothing collections.

🆘 As part of #jumpingunited, we support Jumping® centers around the world, but we also help in poor areas.

We have a rich history behind the development of Jumping® trampolines, including the creation of the entire Jumping® program. The founders of the program graduated from a sports university in order to be able to compile Jumping® training at the highest possible level. Register today and experience it for yourself. Upon successful completion, you will be a certified instructor ready for a successful career as a "JUMPING® FITNESS INSTRUCTOR".

Nowadays, we offer 4 education options: Basic, Fusion, Extension and Advanced
If you are new to Jumping® and want to become a JUMPING INSTRUCTOR, sign up for the so-called JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA.