Jul 12, 2023Jana Svobodová
Hi everyone,
Last night I was thinking about Jumping® and the manufacture of our trampolines, about all the people around us who support us and whose lives have changed with Jumping®.
But... dismal thoughts crept into my mind as every now and then I hear that our trampolines are made in China.
Actually, it is true that I have never posted anything and that we never comment on this issue.

So where does the truth lie? :-)
Since 2011 when we launched the hexagonal frame that is so popular these days we have been manufacturing all Jumping® products in the Czech Republic. Tábor is the key word. Our manufacturing and assembly halls are situated in Tábor (South Bohemia) where Tomáš and I come from. Those who follow our Instagram account have already seen live streamed videos and other posts on these manufacturing sites. Since 2011 when we started our own production and the trampoline suddenly got a look that was completely different than what the world had been used to before. No more round frames, squeaky, broken springs and low-quality Chinese materials. We said enough to ourselves and to our former suppliers. You can read about the reasons behind the choice of the hexagonal shape in our blog post "Why a hexagon".

I don’t line stupid people; this is why we now have our own team of people who have been working with our company for many years, putting their hearts into their work, trying their best.
Whenever I come to the workshop and watch the guys assembling the trampolines or Maruška sewing mats together I get this soothing feeling that heals all rumours and grievance.

In a nutshell, there are several sections and separate halls.
  • In the first hall hexagonal frames are made from square tubes to which legs are joined by welding.
  • In the second hall these frames are stored and wait for black komaxit protective coating.
  • In the third hall hexagonal shapes are cut out from a thick roll and our amazing colleague Maruška sews mats from them. The material used for mats is made in the USA and it is the best quality material that can be used for the Jumping® trampolines. We offer black and pink mats. We are particularly proud of the pink ones as the supplier offers them to its top customers only. That’s heart-warming :-) The standard colour of the trampoline hem is black or green. It has no special function, being just a matter of colour design. We can deliver the hems in any colour as we have them on stock. But because we want our trampolines to keep a high design standard we try to avoid too wild colour combinations.
  • The fourth hall is home to our master stringers with their leather gloves who string one trampoline after another. They understand their work and have years of experience. Rubber ropes that attach the mat to the trampoline frame must be of a precisely measured length. This system has been perfected over the years so we are not going to change it.
  • In the same hall, the trampolines are packed before they are ready for shipping to you. This hall accommodates also offices of our dispatching and invoicing specialists :-)


So what is the point I’m trying to make by saying all this? :-D
I love my work. I think that those who know me know that this is what I am ... and what I want to say in this post is that the trampoline you are purchasing is not just a piece of a randomly painted tube frame.
The trampoline you are getting is NO ORDINARY TRAMPOLINE; before it reached you it had been worked on by several pairs of hands and its frame was checked by several pairs of eyes :-D, it was gently touched during stringing, handled with extreme caution, and in gloves when packed into boxes ...
After all these steps the trampoline is ready to be sent to the world to face a new adventure and - ABOVE ALL - to MAKE YOU HAPPY :-)

With love Jana

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