Which trampoline for jumping at home?

Which trampoline for jumping at home?

Jul 12, 2023Jana Svobodová
We have a wide range of trampolines on offer and in theory any of them would be suitable for Jumping at home. However, most of us are concerned with these two important points anyway:

1. if I'm going to jump in front of the TV so I don't have to clear out the whole living room
2. where to put it away quickly when you have visitors
So my recommendation
For you who are struggling with free space in the apartment:
- I recommend the EXCELLENT trampoline.

It is 16cm smaller in diameter than the Standard trampoline and that's what matters now. The second advantage is the service of the trampoline, where the knitting is attached to the frame by 42 separate rubber ropes. Which you will appreciate when servicing the trampoline. Here you don't have to buy and knit one long rubber rope.

An interesting fact about the trampoline is that it arrives home folded in a box. Perhaps less cheerful is that then comes the stage with a cordless drill or hex key and you assemble the trampoline yourself. In my experience - it's not that complicated. The package includes instructions of course :-) . Or you can the assembling of the trampoline as couples therapy :-D

Another advantage is that if you want to take it to a cottage for the summer, you can dismantle the legs and load it like a big "pizza" into almost any car. Just a warning, the legs are not built to be dismantled every day. The trampoline is 28,5cm high in total, so you can already measure out a space to store it. Our tip is behind a wardrobe or under a bed... :-)

And now an option for those of you who don't care about space, just want the trampoline and do nothing more: - For you, definitely the STANDARD trampoline.

It is a time-proven classic, our flagship among trampolines. Fixed frame, one long rubber rope. The jumping area is 16cm larger than on the Excellent trampoline, which will be appreciated especially by beginners, as their "dancing space" is simply larger. The trampoline arrives as one big package. It looks like a wrapped tractor wheel - I recommend sending it straight home as it's difficult to transport unless you have a van :-D. But: after unpacking, you just slide in the handlebar, turn on our Youtube channel and you can start jumping immediately.

In case of service, you have to replace the whole rubber rope, but I dare say that with proper handling of the trampoline, no service will be needed. The height of the trampoline is also 25cm, just like the Excellent trampoline, so you can also smoothly slide it under the bed before visitors :-D

Hopefully, my mini guide on how to choose the best trampoline for your home has helped you... And feel free to give us feedback.
I'll be looking forward to it...

With Love Jana

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