Jumping® Fitness

Package Expanders and Sliders 10+1


Package Contains:
11x pair of Expanders
11x pair of Sliders

Jumping® Expander is basically a “fitness rubber” with a hand girdle that is excellent as a tool for fitness training during Jumping, in the household, in a fitness centre, or simply outdoors. The huge variability of the expander’s use allows for training speed, coordination, and dynamic strength. With a simple manoeuvre, you can pull the eye of the expander on the trampoline’s leg or tie it to any column thanks to the patented fastening system. This unique system is transferred from Jumping® trampolines FLEXI. Jumping® expanders will bring a new dimension and lots of possibilities not only into Jumping® trainingThe design of the expander is harmonised with the original Jumping® trampoline.  

Jumping® Slider is essentially minimalistic strings of the Jumping® trampoline. The use of the Jumping® Slider is relatively simple and highly variable. The Jumping® Slider allows for training lower and upper limbs on the trampoline or on the ground. No matter what the combinations, your slider always runs on the pad and your body gradually works all muscles. This workout with your own weight perfectly underlines the fundamentals of Jumping® where you save the joints and gradually rip the whole body.