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Jumping® OUTDOOR Trampoline


Fun for the whole family
Trampoline tested by standard ČSN EN 13219

With nearly 20 years of experience with the manufacture of Jumping® trampolines we are bringing you a brand new product for your family’s entertainment and relaxation - the Jumping® OUTDOOR trampoline. This trampoline has a hexagonal frame, it is nearly 3 metres wide, and completely sunken in the ground; as such it will become an organic part of your garden. 

The trampoline mat is made of a special polypropylene fabric with outstanding UV resistance. It is enclosed by a 5 cm wide black hem. The mat is attached to the frame with a total of 114 rubber ropes with a special polyethylene monofilament that is resistant to mechanical damage. It is a patented system that we have been using for the Jumping® trampolines of the FLEXI, EXCELLENT and Pro Jumping series for many years now. 

The rubber ropes are protected with a green safety cover equipped with special vents. The material used for the rope cover complies with the requirements of the standard ČSN EN 13219 – Gymnastic equipment - Trampolines. 

  • No ugly objects in your garden
  • No torn nets around the trampoline
  • No access steps

Dozens or perhaps hundreds of serious injuries are reported with elevated-frame trampolines when one child gets under the trampoline while another is jumping on it. Children can play on the Jumping® OUTDOOR trampoline all day. No duvet needed. No ant bites. No cold and wet grass. The Jumping® OUTDOOR trampoline serves as a great spring board. Almost every teenager loves parkour nowadays.

I just jump on it as I walk by.

Frame: The hexagonal skeleton of the Jumping® OUTDOOR trampoline is made from 2 mm square steel profile including a tube frame. 

Bouncing area: The bouncing area is made of a special polypropylene fabric with outstanding UV resistance. It is enclosed by a 5cm wide black hem.

Rubber rope: 114 separate rubber ropes has a special polyethylene monofilament that is resistant to mechanical damage. Each end is attached to a stirrup and secured by a collet to prevent unhitching. This patented comfortable system provides unique suspension for the trampoline mat while the individual parts of the elastic rope can be very easily replaced if damaged or worn out. Its silent operation and higher abrasion resistance are also an advantage. 

Safety cover: The safety cover consists of six separate parts easily attachable to the trampoline frame. The cover is filled with reconstituted polyurethane foam coated with green artificial leather compliant with the standard EN 71-3:2013- Gymnastic equipment - Trampolines. The safety cover is resistant to ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C - +70°C.

Inspection and maintenance: You should carry out a visual check of all parts of the trampoline prior to every workout. We recommend a maintenance check by our mechanics 2 times a year.

Decommissioning: If you identify any defect in the trampoline, prevent it continued use and contact our mechanic.

Warranty terms: The manufacturer provides a product warranty for 24 months from the date of delivery. The warranty does not cover usual wear and tear of parts.

WARNING:  Persons under 14 years of age are not allowed to jump on the trampoline without supervision. Only one person can use the trampoline at a time. Excessive workout or inappropriate use of the trampoline may result in an injury. Repair and maintenance services are always provided by the manufacturer.

Technical data:

  • Diagonal frame diameter: 286cm
  • Diagonal mat diameter: 220cm
  • Frame height: 5cm
  • Trampoline weight: 53kg
  • Bearing capacity: 130kg
  • Maximum load: 300kg
  • No. of rubber ropes: 114
  • Cover width: 6x40cm/height: 3cm