Jumping® Fitness


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A direct follow-up training of the Jumping® Basic diploma is the Jumping® Advanced Diploma that can be voluntarily participated by the graduates of the Jumping® Basic training. This programme has been compiled based on long-term experience not only with Jumping® but also based on the experience with the world of fitness.

The advanced training is led by a Master trainer, who keeps an eye on the high quality and a professional level. It consists of two days of training, which is divided into 4 parts.

The first part of the training is dedicated to the tuition of new exercises and combinations. The next part is dedicated to the analysis of the body using the “InBody” that precisely determines the composition of your body. The Master Trainers then explain the basics of food and food-rated myths. Active participation of the instructors follows, where they are tested concerning the newly obtained knowledge and skills.

The fourth part of the Advanced training is dedicated to training with the FXE® device. The Master Trainers determine the minimum number of points that the instructors must collect by jumping. The points are awarded by the FXE® based on the correct technique, intensity, and rhythm, and effort given.

In the case of successful fulfillment of all the aforementioned points, the participant obtains the Jumping® Advanced Diploma of a specific level, namely: gold, silver, or bronze.