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Jumping® Trampoline STANDARD test


Jumping® STANDARD trampolines are very popular both among professional athletes and for home use. For these reasons, we have combined this unique construction with other options for attaching the jumping mat.

We have been offering this type of trampoline since 2011. Structurally, it is a beautiful and solid trampoline with the STANDARD trampoline mat suspension system that is suitable for gyms and fitness centres. The trampoline is equipped with one long elastic rope which, however, makes it perhaps a bit “outdated”.

The structure of this trampoline is made of a material of the highest quality, namely a steel round profile, whose wall thickness of 2 mm secures high strength and rigidity. Part of the structure is also 6 strong legs ended with a special rubber extension. This extension does not leave smears and protects all surfaces against damage. The trampoline legs are 28.5 cm tall. The trampoline bearing capacity is up to 130 kg, while its weight does not exceed 14 kg.

We recommend purchasing the DVD 1 and DVD 2, which are led by Jana Svobodová a Tomáš Buriánek

Trampoline Specifications
  • Handlebar: It is made of a steel square profile with a thickness of 2 mm and can be variably adjusted according to the height of the jumper with subsequent fixation with a locking screw. A smart feature is tilting of the handlebar above the mat, which makes jumping on this trampoline comfortable even for the smallest. The holder for the handlebar is firmly welded to the trampoline, so that there are no unpleasant and dangerous vibrations when the handlebar is inserted. The upper part of the handlebar is slightly rounded for greater comfort when jumping.
  • Trampoline Mat: The number one choice for trampoline mat fabric around the world based on quality, performance, durability and value. Made of polypropylene and loaded with carbon, this woven fabric has high tensile strength, excellent UV protection and is resistant to mold and water. The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress. However, this material does not stretch; instead, it cushions joints while providing a firm and stable surface. Always returning to its flat position, trampoline fabric does not crease or fold.The impact area is bordered by a rim, the width of which is 5 cm. The STANDARD trampoline has 60 lugs, through which a rubber rope is threaded.
  • Rubber Rope: Its diameter is 10 mm. The rope has a special polyethylene monofilament that excels with low dilatability and high clamping force. An undisputable bonus is also its increased resistance to abrasion.



System of attaching the mat                               
Rubber rope
Trampoline diameter
136 cm
Mat diameter
105 cm
Adjustable height of the handlebar                                        
124-137 cm
Trampoline weight
14 kg
Legs hight
28,5 cm
Maximal weight capacity
130 kg
Needed space for the trampoline
2 m2