Nailton Heringer Jr.

Jumping® Fitness Trainer


Me and Jumping® or Jumping® and me? I don’t know certainly the beginning it was something strange. I like to do a lot of sports (Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Swimming, etc.) and I really like to try everything new. But let’s take a look, I was a soccer player in Brazil and went to Germany to chase the dream to become a professional.

Then, when I started a vocational school for sports & fitness business and worked in a gym, my boss sent me to the certification and a new era began. Step by step I could felt the power of Jumping® and when I realize what was happening in my life, I screamed: “YEAH, I LOVE JUMPING!”. I can’t keep going without Jumping®. In Jumping® I find an amazing team and a big family growing up together around the world. Jumping® Certifications, Parties and Events, I really love to teach and share experiences, but mostly to spread the power of Jumping®. Happiness is for free, for the present let’s do it, for the future let’s see...