For all those who like to have fun and do sports at the same time. This trampoline can be a perfect present too.  Thanks to its carrying straps you can travel with this trampoline on your back to almost any place in the world. We are speaking about the TRAMPOLINE JUMPING® EXCELLENT "ADVENTURE. You’ve never seen this before! Throw your trampoline on your back and go! This is the "EXCELLENT" trampoline fitted with straps that convert it into the "ADVENTURE" model. The straps are made of the same material as the rim around the jumping mat – a 5 cm wide rim. These straps can be joined together with a quick-release buckle clip.

The package includes s SOLID DESIGN BAG in which you can easily fold the trampoline before you throw it in your car and go home. This bag 75 cm in width and 35 cm in height, while its overall weigh, does not exceed 14kg! No wonder that the ADVENTURE trampoline becomes increasingly popular worldwide.

The skeleton of Excellent trampolines is made from a 2 mm thick round steel pipe which ensures high solidity and stiffness. The entire family can jump on this trampoline with a bearing capacity of up to 110 kg. The frame is 16 cm smaller than that of Jumping® trampolines STANDARD, FLEXI and PLUS. It is apparent why, we strive to provide maximum transport convenience while preserving the Jumping® concept. The frame consists of six independent parts. The package includes 14 connecting pieces including socket screws. The whole trampoline is assembled together with the use of these connecting pieces and then FIRMLY fastened with a wrench. The trampoline legs are inserted in the connecting pieces and fastened with the use of an eccentric screw. Handlebar height can be adjusted with the use of the same system as per your preference. The legs have special rubber attachments at the ends that protect against floor surface damage and do not leave any ugly streaks.    

The trampolines are easy to store by stacking them up on each other. You can comfortably stack 10 trampolines up to the height of 1 metre.


The number one choice for trampoline mat fabric around the world based on quality, performance, durability and value. Made of polypropylene and loaded with carbon, this woven fabric has high tensile strength, excellent UV protection and is resistant to mold and water. 

The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress. However, this material does not stretch; instead, it cushions joints while providing a firm and stable surface. Always returning to its flat position, trampoline fabric does not crease or fold.

The jumping area is enclosed by a 5 cm wide rim. The trampoline spokes have 42 pieces of mesh through which special stirrups are threaded. A flexible rubber rope is attached to these stirrups.


Its diameter is 7 mm. The rope has a special polyethylene monofilament, which excels due to its low ductility and high bonding strength. Each rubber rope end is attached to the stirrup and secured by a collet, so that it does not get dragged. This patented comfortable system provides unique suspension for the trampoline mat while the individual parts of the elastic rope can be very easily replaced if damaged.


The handlebar is made from a 2 mm thick steel round tube. The handlebar consists of three parts attached together with connecting pieces, similarly as the frame. The advantage of these handlebars is their variable adjustability to adapt to the jumper’s height. The handlebar holder is firmly attached to the trampoline, which ensures excellent stability. The bottom part of the holder is made of stainless steel which prevents ugly scratches.

Jumping® Trampoline ADVENTURE