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Trampoline Service


Just like your car, trampolines need servicing to keep them working as they should. Our recommendation is that after 300 hours of practice you should replace the entire set of "MAT + RUBBER ROPES" (This is cca 6 lessons per week after about one year).

All parts of the trampoline connect to each other and only function properly in this way. As soon as you see the slightest fraying or other signs of wear on the rubber rope, replace it. At the same time, check the structure of the trampoline to see if it is corroded in places and if the fraying is not caused by it. If you change the rubber band, we recommend changing the mat as well, so that the mat does not switch. This will affect both its further life and its functionality.

Arrange a service with us. Our team will contact you, discuss the condition of the trampolines with you and propose an adequate solution. Trampolines can be serviced at your studio, or we can do a "major service" at our workshop, including treatment of the structure's frame.

Price upon agreement
Please contact us at servis@jumping-fitness.com