Jumping® Fitness

Jumping® Original Sports Water Bottle / 0,7l


Sports water bottle in original design with Jumping® logo.

  • made of polypropylene for health-conscious material
  • without phthalates, softeners, BPA
  • without any smell or fungus
  • meets the newest requirements for sanitariness

This bottle is ideal for water, cold or even hot drinks, which is highly popular among many sportive and active people. Its sealing is excellent thanks to the “open/close” system, in other words, lockable stopper, which prevents an accidental opening.

The water bottle perfectly serves in everyday use and helps to keep fluid intake.

You only wash the bottle after everyday usage with hot water, after longer contact between drink and the bottle is possible to wash it in a dishwasher repeatedly.

Bottles are stable, without any smell or plastic taste.

They are ideal for every kind of drinks (including carbonated drinks) and resist higher temperature up to 80° C.