Jumping® Fitness

Complete set for Jumping® Drum

Color of Mallets

The set includes:
1x Handlebar reducer
1x Pair of drumsticks for Drum

The Jumping® Drum dates back to 2012, when this concept of an unconventional modification of the Jumping® trampoline was introduced. The idea came from the sounds when hitting the trampoline resembled the sound of drums.

The Jumping® Drum concept is partly a departure from the original essence of Jumping®, i.e. jumping on a trampoline. Instead, you hold the vibrant drumsticks and rhythmically hit the trampoline, which is held at an ideal angle thanks to a special reduction.

The result is a very fun and effective form of exercise that focuses more on the upper body and thus perfectly complements the original form of Jumping® exercise.

Trampoline is not included in the complete DRUM set