Jul 12, 2023Jana Svobodová
Hi Jumpers,
You have not heard from me for a while but today I would like to introduce you with our brand new product that you cannot even check out on our web site or in our e-shop now that I’m writing these lines:-)

What is it ??? :-)
I’m not going to be silly and tell you right away ..:-). It’s the JUMPING® OUTDOOR TRAMPOLINE! Sure, it’s not really a wow thing to put a trampoline in the garden and call it OUTDOOR :-D. But this new product that we introduce IS as a WOW thing! It’s because it is: HEXAGONAL and FITTED WITH RUBBER ROPES (yet nothing new :-) ), but… it is almost 3 metres in size… and: it is sunken which means that it is basically, well, not basically but actually IT IS A GROUND-LEVEL TRAMPOLINE … with the rubber ropes being overlaid with a beautiful cover preventing your kids or hubby from breaking a leg when jumping on it during a garden party … :-D

What’s more, this cool cover is made of reconstituted polyurethane foam (google this up for yourselves:-D) that is coated with green artificial leather compliant with the EN 71-3:2013 – TOY SAFETY standard!
Plus it can withstand climatic conditions with the ambient temperature ranging from minus 30°C to plus 70°C. The bouncing area is made of a “standard” material that we deliver with the Jumping® PROFI trampolines – a special polypropylene fabric with outstanding UV resistance properties. On top of that the whole bouncing area is enclosed by a black hem.
And, :-D : the bouncing area is attached to the sunken frame with a total of 114(!!) separate rubber ropes with a polyethylene monofilament resistant to mechanical damage. It is a patented system that we use for the JUMPING® PROFI trampolines of the FLEXI, EXCELLENT and Pro JUMPING series :-D
I’m so excited!!!! And it bounces just great!!!

A bit of advertising in conclusion: As the Jumping® OUTDOOR trampoline is SUNKEN IN THE GROUND:
  • you don’t spoil the look of your garden by installing there an ugly object
  • no protective net is required which is usually useless anyway
  • no steps are needed to access the trampoline

You can spontaneously just jump on it as you walk by …

Children can play on it. No duvet needed, no ant bites, no cold and wet grass either. You can even sleep on it in the open air :-D. It’s simply awesome…
And that’s all I wanted to tell you.

LOVE MY WORK!! Yeeeeeees I do :-) So enjoy the summer, you’ll hear from me soon again:-)

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